Role Of Medical Device Reps In The OR

Device Reps In The OR

Many medical device sales reps work in the operating room to support surgical cases. Case coverage has been described as sales maintenance work. It is done to support surgeons who are already using a given product. It is how a rep demonstrates support and maintains a strong relationship. Also, it keeps the competition out. In this article we look at the role of medical device reps in the OR.

What Is Medical Sales Case Coverage?

Your job will likely revolve around case coverage if you represent a product with strong market share. What is case coverage? Case coverage involves supporting the use of your product during procedures.

If you cover a new innovative product or a technology with low market share your day to day will revolve around prospecting and converting business. This means you will need to identify surgeons using competitive products and get them to trial your offering during cases.

This is not easy. Surgeons train for years and get use to doing things a certain way. This includes using products from a specific manufacturer. There needs to be a salient reason for them to consider a change.

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Sales Rep In The Operating Room

The role of the reps in the OR is changing. Some hospitals are hiring their own in-house orthopedics device technicians. If you think about it, many reps function as glorified scrub techs. Reps need to do more than this. The future of the job requires that reps become irreplaceable. This can mean a lot of different things. Companies have to innovate and train their salesforces to provide value beyond simply bring present.

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Role Of Medical Device Sales Reps During Surgery

So what is expected from a rep? For starters, a sales rep needs to have the proper hospital vendor credentialing completed. Yes, this is a pain but it will legitimize your presence. Secondly, the surgeon has to be in agreement about your presence during the case. Next, make sure you understand what you are getting into. Some companies provide much better training than others. Demand more out of your company if you feel you do not have the right training to properly support the hospital’s clinical team.

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Surgical Case Coverage Do’s And Don’ts

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