How To Survive Sales Boredom

Sales Boredom

Sales jobs are weird. They can be wildly busy and stimulating sometimes, and dull and monotonous other times. I get that this is true of all jobs. But sales is especially cyclical. A new rep has to adjust to the ups and downs of varying activity levels. A medical sales rep has to execute effectively and be efficient when things get busy, and then find ways to stay productive when things slow down. We offer some tips on how to survive sales boredom.

It is important to match your effort and activity to the business and sales cycle. Make sure to be in front of customers when they want to see you, and find something else to do when you are not needed. Activity level isn’t everything. A high performing sales rep is able to do the right stuff at the right time.

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Is Medical Sales A Fun Job?

Outside sales can be isolating. There is a lot of alone time. This may be time in front of the computer, on a conference call, or out on the road. Generally speaking, a small percentage of the work week is spent in front of customers or in high impact business discussions. This differs for case coverage roles in which you spend most of your time in front of customers. This is why some medical sales reps really like case coverage positions even if they are demanding.

Sales boredom can occur in a variety of different ways. Some reps get bored even though they have killer numbers and are respected across the organization. This type of boredom has nothing to do with performance or frustration. This is a rep that needs a new challenge. Honestly, this is the best type of boredom because there are ways to move beyond it.

Signs Of Sales Boredom

  1. You feel like you have nothing to do
  2. The job doesn’t feel challenging
  3. You aren’t learning anything new
  4. You feel your territory is saturated
  5. Your sales number seems unobtainable

The other type of boredom is more challenging. It is the type of boredom associated with a job structure that is just not working. Maybe this type of rep has been in territory for awhile and done all of the right things. They have had some successful years and some challenging years. They understand the product, the market, and know the customers.

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Boredom With Sales Prospecting

If you are bored prospecting you need to change your frame of mind. Identify the business you have gained over the years from prospecting efforts. Recognize how cumulative prospecting is to building a successful territory. Be patient and understand that results don’t come in a single day. It is about the doing the right thing day in and day out.

Tips For Cold Calling Boredom

  1. Get creative and find a way to make warmer calls
  2. Understand the novelty wears off
  3. Don’t give off boredom vibes to the prospect
  4. Understand cold calling anxiety is part of the process for any salesperson. You have to break through it.
  5. Ask more questions to gauge interest.
  6. Always keep the pitch fresh and current. Put that product training to use.

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How To Eliminate Boredom In Medical Sales

  1. Reflect on loss opportunities
  2. Identify product knowledge gaps
  3. Reevaluate organizational systems
  4. Identity a prospect that you have not recently called on
  5. Find five things that have slipped through the cracks
  6. Incorporate a productive personal activity into your routine

Look around. Is there something that actually seems better? I don’t mean this in the grass is always greener type of way. It is good to get an honest perspective on your current situation. It can be important to recognize that your job is pretty good. You need to have some gratitude if you look around and your role seems better than most of the other jobs on the market. It is one thing if you know there is a more exciting product or company that you would like to be involved with. But if everything else seems equivalent you may already be in a good position.

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