How To Get Promoted In Medical Sales

Get Promoted In Medical Sales

Some medical sales reps get an itch to do something new after being in a territory for five to ten years. The beautiful thing about sales is you can do it forever if you want. You can make good money and control your schedule by staying in the same territory your entire career. But some reps want more than this. They want to try something else. They want to learn something new. They want to coach, forecast, and be involved in leadership disucssions. We take a look at how to get promoted in medical sales.

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Career Path Of A Medical Device Sales Rep

The career path of a medical device sales rep is not always perfectly linear. There are a variety of ways to work up the corporate ladder. Here is the most common path to a leadership position:

  1. B2B Sales Experience
  2. Medical Sales Associate Sales Rep
  3. Full Line Medical Device Sales Rep
  4. Senior Sales Representative
  5. Medical Sales Region Manager
  6. General Manager

Progress Your Medical Device Sales Career

There are two main components to getting on the leadership fast track after breaking into the industry. First off, you need to be a high performer. Sales is all about numbers. You need to demonstrate that you can work hard and execute. It is not about being the very best rep, but about being a consistent performer. There are so many factors that dictate sales numbers. Some territories are better than others. Some markets have contracts, while others do not. Management understands all of this. They just need to know that you can keep your head down and get the job done.

The next piece is about corporate soft skills. There are many great sales reps that should never be in management. Maybe they do not work well with others. Maybe they lack the patience or people skills. I have seen these type of reps get frustrated when they do not get promoted. They think their sales numbers will speak for themselves. This is not always the case.

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Promotion In Medical Device Sales

A sales rep needs to stand out as having management potential to get promoted in medical sales. So what are these elusive soft skills all about? These type of reps will toe the company line. They say that right things in front of leadership. The speak the company language. They avoid being negative and think outside the box. These reps are the first to get a call when management has a question or is better trying to understand how things are playing out in the field.

A rep on the fast track will openly coach new team members and demonstrates a willingness to be a team player. This is the opposite mentality of a lone wolf senior sales rep that is only focused on what influences their paycheck.

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Office Politics In Medical Sales

Medical device sales is not different from other industries. There are a lot of politics. Keeping your head down and getting the job done only goes so far. You should let people know what you are thinking about doing, what you are doing, and what you have completed. Of course, this can be accomplished in a way that is not obnoxious. This may be challenging for introverts, but it is part of the game. Corporate politics can make or break a career. There are a lot of talented people out there. Those that are savvy politically will come out on top.

Medical Sales Politics

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