How To Make A Successful Virtual Sales Pitch In Medical Sales?

Virtual Sales Pitch In Medical Sales

Virtual sales presentations have become commonplace since the Covid pandemic. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc. There is a different dynamic to virtual meetings with healthcare customers. Meetings in this format can be very effective. But they need to be approached in a different manner. The ability to build rapport and engagement is different in the virtual environment. In this article, we cover the best practices on making a successful virtual sales pitch in medical sales.

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Eight Tips For A Virtual B2B Sales Pitch To Doctors

1. Be Prepared

Virtual meetings require even more preparation than a standard customer meeting. Let’s be honest, virtual sales presentations are less engaging. Physicians do not want to wait around over their lunch break as you try to find the right slide deck. Make sure to be on the same page with colleagues and come to the meeting with a planned agenda and set of objectives. 

2. Set Expectations

Make sure the doctor understands the purpose of the virtual meeting. How does the meeting fit in with your broader sales strategy? Is it a short meeting to qualify a customer leading up to an on-site presentation? Do not let a customer view the meeting as an optional appointment. I have seen many customers who do not take their commitment to a virtual meeting seriously. It is up to you to set proper expectations.

3. Send Multiple Reminders For Virtual Meetings

Be more persistent with the pre meeting reminders. People do not check their calendar as much as they should in the healthcare world. Make sure to send a reminder a couple days before the meeting and the morning of the discussion. This decreases the likelihood of a last minute cancelation. 

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4. Anticipate Technological Issues

There are always IT glitches. A camera doesn’t work, a video doesn’t load, a slide won’t change, etc. I have seen it all. Be able to anticipate these type of challenges and adapt. Be able to continue talking if the supporting collateral material will not load. Be able to switch from one web conferencing platform to another at the last minute if needed. This is a reality of the virtual age.

5. Be Flexible

Cancelations and late shows will happen. It is part of the game. You have to patient. People working in hospitals and clinics are busy. Joint commission may come by for a last minute inspection. There may be a patient emergency. Virtual meetings are supposed to be more convenient for customers.

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6. Get The Lighting Right

You need to have a high quality appearance to have a successful virtual sales pitch in medical sales. This means a professional backdrop, proper lighting, and decent audio quality. It reflects poorly on your competence to have subpar lighting or a blurry video feed. Take some time to put together a proper setup in your office. This will pay dividends over time.

7. Ask More Questions

The best sales reps ask a lot of questions. This is even more important during virtual meetings. You need to prioritize getting engagement and feedback from the customer. Questions are a way to pull in the customer and make sure they are paying attention. 

8. Speak Up

Many virtual discussions include a group of people. This could be clinical support folks, IT resources, new team members, etc. If something is not working correctly speak up. You colleague presenting may not realize the slide is not pulling up. Or the customer may not realize that they are on mute. I have seen meetings where this stuff drags on and no one speaks up. Don’t waste time. Speak up and redirect the meeting if needed. 

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