Best Medical Device Sales Career Blogs

Medical Device Sales Career

Medical sales can be a challenging industry to break into. It can be difficult to sort the useful information from the noise, especially for someone new to industry. When I first started out, I searched around everywhere. I found the interview process challenging and I wanted tips to increase my chances. Throughout this time, I settled upon a few websites which I thought had the best industry insights. These blogs will help you build a medical device sales career.

Best Medical Sales Blogs

1. Medreps

Medreps is the most well known medical device sales career blog. It was started back in 2000 by medical sales job recruiters. The goal of the company is to connect qualified candidates to the best pharmaceutical and medical sales jobs available. In addition, the site is a professional source of valuable medical device industry information.

Medreps Review

Technically speaking, it is a job search site. For a monthly fee, members can browse the job board to find openings in the medical device space. In addition to this service, they provide free blog content. I have personally never used the job board service. But I have found myself coming back again and again for the blog content. Medreps content focuses around:

  • Breaking Into Medical Sales
  • Job Search Tips
  • Medical Sales Networking
  • Best Places To Work
  • Medical Sales Job Search
  • Industry Trends
  • Medical Sales Rep Salary Information

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2. Linda Hertz Group

This is one of my favorites. The Linda Hertz Group is a leading nationwide medical industry healthcare recruitment firm. Linda is regarded as leading medical industry expert and career blogger. Like Medreps, the focus of the website is around medical sales recruitment. But the blog resources are excellent!

There are two things I really appreciate about the blog content from Linda. First off, the level of detail. The medical sales job search and interview process is complex. Each situation is different and it is challenging to give general advice. Unfortunately, because of this many of the online medical sales resources are vague and uninsightful. Linda provides a level of detail that can only come from a lifetime of industry experience.

The second thing I appreciate about Linda’s content is the degree of authenticity. The voice of the writing sounds like it is coming from a real person, not copied and pasted from a Job Search 101 website.

While the website itself may look a bit dated as of 2021, the content is amazing.

3. Cafe Pharma

The format of Cafepharma is different from the other two resources. Remember how prevalent discussion boards where in the 1990’s and early 2000’s? Well, Cafepharma knocked this out of the park for the pharmaceutical and medical sales industry. They have discussion boards for absolutely everything!

To make things even better they have a great search function to go with it. You can browse for general information or get more granular and look at feedback on specific companies and roles.

Cafepharma also supports a news function. One section is for medical device news and the other for pharmaceutical news. This news is more industry related, rather than about the job search. It includes information on FDA clearances, acquisitions, and that sort of thing. I have never been as interested in this type of news because it so company specific, and doesn’t have an impact on my day to day. But it can be a nice way to stay informed about the industry.

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Best Medical Sales Websites

I consider Medreps, the Linda Hertz Group, and Cafepharma to be true medical device sales career blogs. These websites offer plenty of job search and interview tips.

If you like to stay up to date on more of the business side of things, I recommend the following websites.

1. is an online journal that provides day to day news coverage of the medtech and medical device industry. The content is aimed at the medical device industry, manufacturers, government organizations/agencies, medical centers, universities and more. The site covers news, trends, FDA clearances, funding, and more within the industry.

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2. reports on medical technology from around the world. The website covers the latest medical devices and approvals, technology breakthroughs and discoveries, conducts interviews with med tech leaders, and file reports from healthcare conferences. The editorial team is made up of physicians, scientists, and industry experts. The content is conveniently sorted by care area including medicine, radiology, cardiology, surgery, and more.

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