Medical Device Sales Companies

Medical Device Sales Companies

Best Medical Sales Companies

What are the best medical device sales companies? This is a question we get asked a lot here at the Medical Sales Authority. To answer this question, we have started by highlighting the largest and most well known manufacturers in the industry.

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Medical Equipment Sales Companies – Imaging Equipment

In terms of medical device sales companies, we have to talk about the manufacturers of imaging equipment. Imaging equipment falls into the capital equipment category. Imaging equipment can cost anywhere from 50k to over 3M. The equipment is typically used in a radiology setting. Some common imaging scans include CT, MRI, and ultrasound.

Philips Medical Sales

Philips is a global medical imaging equipment manufacturer with US headquarters in Bothell, WA. Like its competitors GE and Siemens, Philips manufactures the large imaging equipment used in hospitals. Their strengths include patient monitoring and cardiac ultrasound. Philips is a well respected company and you will see their equipment at most hospitals.

GE Healthcare Sales

GE Healthcare is the medical division of the General Electric Company. It is a global company with a large footprint. GE manufactures almost every type of imaging equipment used within a hospital or clinic. Between its different product segments, GE is the biggest ultrasound company in the world. Historically, the company has made acquisitions to round out its healthcare portfolio. In 2003 the company acquired Datex-Ohmeda which manufactures anesthesia, respiratory, and monitoring equipment.

Siemens Medical Sales

The third big imaging equipment manufacturer is Siemens. Like GE, Siemens is a global conglomerate involved in many businesses. They are well known for their MRI, CT, and other big iron imaging equipment. In 2000, they purchased the ultrasound pioneer Acuson and made a big push into the ultrasound arena. If you look around while in a radiology department at a hospital, you will most likely see some Siemens gear.

Cannon Medical Sales (Toshiba Medical Sales)

Toshiba Medical is a Japanese company that got its start in 1914. It was acquired by the Japanese company Canon in 2016. Canon Medical Systems is not as large of a player as GE, Philips, and Siemens. The company manufactures similar products covering radiology and cardiovascular systems.

Mindray Sales

Mindray is a Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment and devices. They attempt to compete with the big players in ultrasound, patient monitoring, and anesthesia. Mindray is a low cost competitor. The product technology is typically some what similar to the other manufactures, but at a lower price point. It is common to see Mindray equipment in outpatient facilities and other budget conscious environments.

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Medical Equipment Sales Companies – Surgery Devices

The second category of medical device sales companies is the manufacturers of devices used during surgery.

Arthrex Medical Device Sales

Arthrex is an orthopedic company with strengths in the sports medicine space. The medical products for sports medicine are focused on soft tissue injuries versus the plates and screws associated with shoulder, knee, and hip replacement cases. Sports medicine sales roles are great because the cases are scheduled. On the other hand, the roles covering medical devices for the more extensive orthopedic surgery cases requires covering unscheduled trauma cases. Arthrex has products for bicep ruptures, cuff tears, and other sports medicine related injuries.

Johnson And Johnson Medical Device Sales

Johnson & Johnson is a large global conglomerate with several large medical device segments. J & J frequently comes up on the list of best medical device sales companies. Their medical device businesses include Ethicon (surgery), Biosense Webster (cardiovascular) and DePuy Senthese (Orthopedics). DePuy Synthes is well know for their products supporting shoulder, knee, and hip replacements. Ethicon is well know for its suture and wound closure products. Ethicon also manufactures mesh and transvaginal mesh. In addition, Ethicon produces surgical energy sealing tools like the ones used for bariatric surgery. Biosense Webster is involved with products for heart rhythm disorders. Last but not least, the company supports an electrophysiology system, and cardiac catheters for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Medtronic Medical Sales

Medtronic is a global company with over 28 billion in revenue as of 2020. This makes it the worlds largest medical device company beating out Johnson & Johnson, Philips, and GE. It is challenging to summarize all Medtronic does in a few sentences. They have products for cardiovascular, diabetes, gastrointestinal, ear nose and throat, general surgery, urological, spinal & orthopedics, and the list goes on. Their four major reporting segments are cardiac and vascular, minimally invasive therapy, restorative therapies, and diabetes. The cardiac segment is known for products like pacemakers and defibrillators. The minimally invasive therapies division supplies bronchoscopes, ventilators, and resuscitation bags. The restorative therapies segments products products like interbody spacers and spine implants. Not surprisingly, the diabetes division manufactures an insulin pump.

Stryker Medical Device Sales

The Stryker corporation is a medical device company based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was started in 1941 by Homer Stryker an orthopedic surgeon. Today, Stryker is know for its focus on orthopedics, neurotechnology, and specialty surgery. Some well known products include Stryker beds (pretty much every hospital has this brand). In addition to surgical navigation systems, endoscopic and communications systems, and implants used in joint replacement and trauma surgeries. Stryker is active on the acquisition side. A well known acquisition was of Physio-Control a manufacturer of defibrillators.

Boston Scientific Medical Device Sales

Boston Scientific is a 10+ billion dollar manufacturer of medical devices used for interventional medical specialties. Some of the applications include interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, and vascular surgery. The company got its start 40+ years ago manufacturing maneuverable catheters. The company is popularly known for the Taxus Stent, a drug -eluting stent which is used to open clogged arteries. Boston Scientific competitors include Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Abbott, Biosense Webster and Cook Medical.

Intuitive Surgical Sales

Intuitive Surgical is a newer company. The company was founded in 1995 and went public as of 2019. The company manufactures robots that are used during minimally invasive surgery. Talk about a high end piece of capital equipment! According to Forbes, Intuitive currently has an install base of over 5,500 da Vinci Surgical Systems. Robots don’t perform surgery. The surgeon performs surgery with da Vinci by using instruments that he or she guides via a console. The da Vinci system translates the surgeons movement in real-time. It allows the surgeon better visibility and more precise movements. According to Medreps, the device costs over a million dollars per unit and commands upwards of $100,000 in annual maintenance. The medical device industry will see a growth in surgical robotic products in the future.

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Best Place To Sell Medical Equipment

These are all great companies that regularly have med rep sales jobs available. The corporate career path in medical sales is relatively straightforward. A common path entails starting as an associate or in an entry level position, with a promotion to running your own geographic territory. After many years of successful sales experience one can be a sales manager. A sales manger is responsible for managing the sales rep in a given geographic region or for a particular product line. The next career steep is to become a GM or national sales manger. Someone in this position manages the sales managers throughout the country. Depending on the size of the company there are numerous other leadership positions that may be available.

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