Medical Device Sales Lifestyle

Medical Device Sales Lifestyle

Every job brings a certain type of lifestyle with it. For example, the technology sector is known for a casual dress code and late morning start times (or even early afternoon). In general, outside sales roles bring a lot of flexibility. Ultimately, it is up to you to manage the territory and figure out how to most efficiently and effectively serve customers. In this article we cover some of the basics of the medical device sales lifestyle.

Are Medical Sales Reps Happy?

This depends. The long days and demanding overnight travel is known to wear down some reps. It can take a certain type of person to tolerate the job sometimes. It requires a special skillset to maintain work life balance and remain in a good state of mind with erratic schedules and regular travel. Work travel can throw a wrench in exercise schedules, eating habits, and activities with friends and families. Will you be able to make this all work?

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What Is It Like Being A Medical Sales Rep?

Sales never turns off and the work always comes home. Customers will call when it is convenient for them. Most reps will find themselves consistently working outside of business hours. To be fair reps have autonomy and there is flexibility. But when an important customer shoots over a late evening email, a quick response is necessary. Reps will be incentivized to do so in roles that are heavily commission based. Medical sales reps have to make hay while the sun shines.

There is a lot of scientific research performed on task switching and multi tasking. The takeaway is that most people can not actually multitask. They just think they can. The reality is that performance of one task will always suffer. Get ready for it, as a day is sales is spent constantly switching between tasks. You may be preparing a quotation or drafting an email and the phone rings. You may be on the phone with a customer and you get an urgent text message that needs to be addressed right way. Or you get a call from your manager and need to drop everything else. This is truly the lifestyle of medical sales rep.

Pharmaceutical Rep Lifestyle & Medical Sales Lifestyle

Being a medical sales rep does bring some perks. To be fair, it is not all roses and sunshine. The lifestyle is be no means glamorous. Though, there are some elements that are pretty amazing from an outside perspective. We have compiled a list of some of the main lifestyle considerations.

  1. Learn how to establish work life balance.
  2. Get use to time on the road.
  3. Make the best use of windshield time.
  4. Make sure to optimize airline and hotel points.
  5. Make the most of the flexibility and autonomy.
  6. Save money with a company car and company phone.
  7. Learn how to effectively work from home.
  8. Get use to living on the go.
  9. Find a way to eat healthy while traveling.

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Lifestyle Of A Medical Device Sales Rep

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