Medical Device Sales Pitch

Medical Device Sales Pitch

An experienced medical sales rep is ready to make a sales pitch at any moment. You never know when you are going to get a few minutes with a doctor or a potential customer. You need to be ready to go with a polished medical device sales pitch. Just like it is important to have a smooth elevator pitch during the interview process, the same is true for a working sales rep. The objective is not to jam as much facts and data as possible into a quick burst of words. The key to success is the ability to confidently and clearly communicate the value proposition of your company and product.

How Do You Pitch A Medical Device?

There are so many times where I have literally been told by a customer to make it quick. There have even been times where I was told, I have one minute to explain what I was after. This happens when I catch a customer in between meetings. While this may be a strange may to interact with vendors, I am always ready to capitalize on the situation. For the most part, I can get across all I need to in a short amount of time.

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Product Pitch

You will not even think about your medical device sales pitch after you have been in a territory for awhile. It will come natural. But as a new rep, it is important to practice. What is your objective following each customer interaction? Is the goal to get the customer to sit down with you at a future point to listen to a more detailed presentation? Do you want them to engage in an extended trial of your product? Do you want them to try the product for a single case? Typically, physicians are not interested in aimlessly chatting about your product. It is okay to cut to the chase.

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Medical Device Sales Pitch Example

Hello – Could I interrupt you for a moment? I am Joe Smith with XYZ Medical. I was looking to connect with you about product (blank) that is used for procedure (blank). We have recently introduced a new device that offers the following benefits. In comparison to competitive products, it provides (blank) benefit. Dr. Johnson at General Hospital has implemented the product with amazing outcomes. I wanted to see if we could setup a time for you to trial our new product. Would that be something feasible to setup up in the next month or so?

Tips For The Best Sales Pitch

  1. Have an objective for your sales pitch.
  2. Be a storyteller.
  3. Have a strong introduction and close.
  4. Ask a question.
  5. Make your point quickly.
  6. Identify a pain point.
  7. Be human.
  8. Identify next steps.
  9. Establish credibility.

Elevator Sales Pitch

Make sure to read these tips from Spotio on the five different types of B2B sales pitches. These insights are geared towards true door to door sales and helpful in any B2B sales domain. When I go into a hospital to cold call on the director of a department, these same principles hold true. An effective sales call is not about some grand presentation. It is all about a short, effective elevator pitch. The examples from Spotio demonstrate different styles of how to approach the pitch.

Cold Call Sales Pitch

It is important to differentiate between a sales pitch during a scheduled meeting and a cold call sales pitch. What is a cold call? A cold call is where you call on a prospective customer that has not previously expressed interest in your product or service. In my opinion, the main difference is the amount of time you have to get across your point. During a scheduled meeting a rep has plenty of time to cover their points. When cold calling you have to move quickly and cover the basics.

  • Get past gatekeepers. You do not want to be pitching to the wrong person.
  • State your full name and your company.
  • Break the ice and establish rapport.
  • Explain how much time you will need.
  • Explain the purpose of your visit and address next steps.
  • Establish credibility (mention reference, etc.)
  • Make a quick pitch and communicate clearly.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Be ready for interruptions or objections.
  • Thank the prospect for their time.
  • Follow up after the call.

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Wolf Of Wall Street Sales Pitch

Again, while this may be entertaining. You do not need to hit a home run to be effective. Keep it short, simple, and polished.

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