What Is A Medical Sales Job Hopper?

Medical Sales Job Hopper

Job hopping is becoming more popular these days. This is not a good thing in sales. Moving around roles every few years has become common for millennials. This may work in the technology sector where engineers are able to jump in and immediately contribute in a role. This does not pan out in sales. There are so much administrative tasks just to get started in an outside sales job. In this article we pull the curtain back and explain how not be a medical sales job hopper.

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What Is Considered Job Hopping In Sales?

A medical sales job hopper is someone who is always moving from one company to the next. They are always on the lookout for the next gig. The have a short term mindset and are always after more money, a better manager, etc. You will see them changing their job on LinkedIn every few years.

The problem with this mindset is that these reps move on every time something gets hard. Sometimes the best things in life come from being patient and grinding through a challenging period. Sales is hard. Most of the value a rep provides comes with tenure. A rep is unlikely to make an impact with customers if they are only in a role for a year or so.

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Is Two Years Considered Job Hopping?

It depends. It not just about the length of time. Sometimes a rep has to move in. Maybe there is a restructuring and the job changes. Maybe leadership is actually ineffective and things do not look like they are getting better. There can be a strategic reason for leaving a job after a year or two. The key thing is that it needs to be strategic. It can’t be a pattern. If it seems to happen again and again it is a reflection on the rep, not the situation.

Job Hopping In Sales

What Is A Job Hopper?

Job Hoppers Make Great Sales Reps?

There are a lot of experts online highlighting the advantages of job hopping. This includes things like:

  • Bringing strong and varied experience
  • Being adaptable and knowing how to transition
  • Understanding the competition
  • Being motivated by new opportunities
  • Bringing a valuable network

I disagree. While job hopping may benefit a rep in some very specific ways. The costs outweigh the benefits. Bouncing around is not the way to build a network. Hiring managers want reps that will stay around and fight through the tough times.

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