Do Medical Sales Reps Go Into Surgery?

Do Medical Sales Reps Go Into Surgery?

Question Of The Day #2 – Do Medical Sales Reps Go Into Surgery?

Today, we answer another common question here at Medical Sales Authority. Do medical sales reps go into surgery? Yes, they absolutely do. But it depends on the type of representative. Many medical devices are used for surgical cases. The representatives that support these products will join the surgeon and OR team during the procedures. The purpose of the representative being present is two fold. First off, the med rep makes sure the correct equipment and supplies is available, properly sterilized, and ready to be used for the procedure. Second, the rep serves as a resource to answer questions and support the surgeon during the case. The medical sales rep acts as the product expert to facilitate everything going smoothly.

Operating Room Sales Rep

It is important to remember that there are medical devices used throughout all departments of a healthcare system, including clinics. For example, the medical device representative that covers a device used in the Emergency Department or Critical Care unit would most likely not need to join for surgery. It all depends on the type of medical device and the type of physician that is using it.

Sales Reps In The Operating Room

There has been controversy in recent years about the role of sales reps in the OR (check out this coverage by the Washington Post). Some people do not like the idea of having sales reps that are motivated by commission in this environment. This is because the reps are focused on which products the physician chooses to use for the cases. The other side of the argument is how quickly the medical device technology is changing. Clinicians and hospitals can not always keep up with the rapid advancements and the manufacturer representatives can serve as a helpful resource.

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Quora is a question and answer website where people go to find information. In the article below the Medical Sales Authority team answers the most common questions on Quora.

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