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Medical Sales Podcast

The life of a sales rep includes plenty of windshield time. This is the perfect opportunity to put on a podcast and learn something new. Medical sales podcasts are an excellent way to stay up to date on the industry. There has been a lot of new content over the last few years specific to the medical device world. These interviews and discussions are a great way to stay current and understand the broader industry. A good understanding of emerging topics and trends can help you identify the medical sale roles to pursue next.

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Medical Device Sales Podcasts

1. The Medical Sales Podcast

This is the podcast that I have spent the most time listening to. It started in May of 2020 during the midst of the pandemic. As of late 2021 there have been 67 episodes released. Now, that is staying busy. The length of each episode varies from about 20 minutes to 45 minutes. The right length to squeeze in an episode between sales calls. The subject matter is broad offering insights on sales roles in spine, toxicology, genetic testing, pharmaceutical, orthopedics, and pain medicine. In addition there are numerous episodes that go into the psychology of medical sales covering leadership, accountability, negotiation ambition, resilience, and tenacity. In my opinion the Medical Sales Podcast provides a little bit of everything you would want in an industry podcast.

2. Pharmaceutical Sales Secrets

To be fair these episodes are a bit dated (released between 2009-2015). But there are some golden nuggets within these 18 episodes! They are short, 5-20 minutes in length. So you will have no problem getting through all of these on one road trip. When it comes to advice in a profession as timeless as sales, good insights hold up over time. What I like about this content is it focuses on how to have better conversations with doctors. It includes coverage of how to ask better questions, how to incorporate clinical studies into the selling process, and how speak in a way that physicians understand.

3. Medical Sales Guru Podcast

Medical Sales Guru is another podcast for medical sales professionals. Mace Horoff and his guests present medical sales tips and selling techniques. There is ten episodes to listen to in total and they are quick at about ten minutes each.

Again, this is another podcast that was started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I think one thing is clear. Medical sales professionals had some time for other pursuits like podcasts during the beginning of the pandemic.

4. The Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast

This is another great current podcast. It was started in October of 2020 and has already introduced sixty episodes. It is hosted by two industry veterans Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold. According to the bio the podcast offers interviews with top performing medical sales reps and leaders in the medical device and MedTech industries. I appreciate how the content focuses on the psychology and neuroscience of medical device sales. It reminds me a little bit of the classic podcast the Art of Charm. Some of my favorite episodes include topics such as:

  • Overcoming Biases and Cultivating A Growth Mindset
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Integrity, Optimism, and Accountability

This podcast has something for everyone in the industry. There is more practical episodes offering insights on breaking into new territories, how to close deals in the remote world, and best practices for marketing.

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5. Medsider

Medsider is also known as the “Learn From Medtech & Healthtech Experts” podcast. The back catalog consists of sixty seven episodes going back to 2013. The content differs from the previously mentioned medical sales podcasts. Medsider breaks away from the traditional psychology and sales insights to cover the medical device industry. It provides insights for folks interested in launching new medical devices, raising capital, understanding clinical trials, and research and development. This is geared more towards those with industry and startup experience, not for those who are new to the industry.

6. The Road To Medical Sales Podcast

The last three podcasts on this list are geared towards those trying to break into the industry. I really appreciate these episodes as this is what Medical Sales Authority is all about. As of 2021, The Road To Medical Sales Podcast has twenty eight episodes each around twenty minutes. The episodes cover the stories of how individual reps broke into the industry with backgrounds as diverse as McDonalds and the NFL. The show offers practical advice of what it takes to get into the industry.

7. New To Medical Device Sales

If you explore advice online for breaking into medical sales you will run into Jacob McLaughlin’s content. He posts videos on Youtbe and Tiktok in addition to running a podcast. Also, he promotes an ebook with guidance on how to break into the industry.

The podcast has a deep back catalog with seventy one episodes. I always appreciate podcasts with a lot of episodes. It takes time to develop a polished and insightful podcast in any domain. The more time one stays at it, the better the show gets. This is true of Jacob’s podcast.

The podcast covers the basics such as tips for breaking into medical device sales, the interview process, how to handle job offers, compensation, and the difference between associate and full line rep roles.  Recent college grads trying to break into the industry will find Jacob helpful and relatable.

8. Get Hired In Medical Sales: Showing You The Step By Step Process To Land A High Paying Sales Job

The “Get Hired In Medical Sales” podcast by Mike Hayes offers a hundred episodes. The podcast is very career focused. A lot of the episodes are centered around interviewing and figuring out how to sell yourself. It treads across both the pharmaceutical and medical sales world. Mike comes at it with a strong background in the industry and twenty plus years of experience at Merck.

The Get Hired podcast also offers good general sales education and advice for millennials.

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