Medical Device Interview Questions And Answers Part #2

Medical Device Interview Questions

What Questions To Ask At A Medical Sales Interview?

Remember, not only is the interview a chance for the company to learn about you, but it is also a chance for you to learn about the company to see if the job is a good fit. This article covers the common medical device interview questions you should ask at the end of a sales interview. These questions will give you a good read on the company.

Medical Sales Interview Questions to Ask

1. Is This An Existing Role, Or A New Position?

If you learn it is an existing role, you will want to ask more about the position:

  • Will your territory be the same as the previous rep?
  • How did the territory perform in the previous quarter? The previous year?
  • What are some obstacles in the territory?
  • Why is the territory open?
  • How frequently has the territory turned over to a new rep in the past five years?

Asking about the performance of the territory during your medical device interview is incredibly important because the majority of your salary will be tied to territory performance. A high rep turnover frequency is a sign that the territory may be difficult or hard to sell in. Reps often leave a position if they do not see high earning potential.

If it is new position, you will want to ask some different follow up questions:

  • Why was this position created?
  • Why was the territory selected?
  • What is the expected performance of the territory?
  • What are some expected obstacles in the territory?

It is important to understand why the new job was created. Was an old territory split up, or was the position created to fill a different need? The answers to these questions during the interview will give you further insight about the job. 

2. What Is The Biggest Challenge The Sales Team Faces?

While you may have asked this during the previous question, we listed it again because it is one of the most important questions to ask. You want to be fully aware of all the obstacles in a territory, as some obstacles are easier to overcome than others. For instance, if the product has an incredibly low market share in a territory because other companies have long term purchasing contracts with the major health systems, meeting your quota and making money may be difficult. 

3. What Is The Typical Ramp Up Period For New Sales Reps?

Asking this question during your medical device interview will give you an idea of what the first year looks like and what to expect from your paycheck off the bat. Also, it can indicate how long it will take to maximize your potential commission. This can take longer at some companies than others, especially if a company has you undergo a long training period before getting out into the field to sell. It is important to be aware of this so you can budget appropriately for the situation. 

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What Questions To Ask In A Job Interview?

4. What Are The Characteristics Of A Top Performing Medical Sales Rep?

In terms of medical device interview questions and answers, this is a great question to ask. Not only will it tell you what you need to do to be successful, but it also suggests what the manager will be looking for during future performance reviews. The question is somewhat cliché, so the manger will probably be expecting it. But it is still a solid question to ask.

6. What Is The Compensation Structure?

The compensation structure differs between companies, so it is important to ask about it during your medical device interview. Some structures offer very low base salaries, like many capital equipment roles, but offer high compensation for commissions. Other companies have a more reasonable base salary, say 100k, but will pay you less in commission. The former structure offers less stability, but more reward. While the latter offers more month-to-month paycheck stability, but less potential upside during the good years.

It is important to understand these differences going into the interview process. Jobs in which a large part of the pay is commission or variable compensation can be tough mentally and in terms of financial stability. But then there is also the potential for significant upside! In terms of medical device interview questions, do not hesitate to ask about compensation.

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5. How Are High Performers Rewarded?

Different companies provide different perks and compensation accelerators to their top performers. These are the sales reps who are able to blow out their quota each year. So, by asking this question during your interview it can tell you about the job’s potential bonuses and perks. Listen carefully, the reward structure can also give you a feel for how competitive the company is, and how intense the pressure to meet your quota will be. 

Every company appreciates their high performers, what differs is the culture around performance. At some companies it is all about getting to 100% of quota. This documents success, and dictates job security within the organization. At other companies it all about blowing out your number to maximize the compensation plan and make as much money as possible during the good years.

Good Questions To Ask Job Interview

7. Describe The Company Culture. What Do You Like About It? What Would You Change?

We couldn’t provide a list of the top medical device interview questions and answers without mentioning company culture. Understanding the company culture will give you an idea of how you will fit in with the company. This may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

  • It is the norm to work a 12 plus hour day?
  • Do reps typically do work travel on the weekends?
  • Are you expected to be responsive to emails after hours?
  • Is the organizational structure conducive to teamwork?
  • How does the company address customer concerns?
  • Is the company slow and bureaucratic or do things move quickly?

While the interviewer may not directly answer all of these questions, what they do not say will also tell you a lot about the company. 

8. How Is The Company Addressing ______ Industry Challenge?

All companies have industry challenges. Hopefully, you took the time to research what these could be before your interview. Asking these questions will help you fact check your research, and learn about any additional challenges. As we have said before, some challenges are easier to surpass than others. A product with a small market share is a very different challenge than a company which cannot sell products because of service issues or faulty equipment. 

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9. Describe Your Management Style?

This of course is only a good medical device interview question to ask if your future manager is interviewing you. Asking this question can be quite insightful. It can tell you about how much support the manager will give provide, if they will always be checking up on you, or if they leave you along to manage yourself. Throughout the interview, you will also want to consider how easy or difficult the individual would be to work with.

You do not want to ask this question aggressively. Of course, you need to demonstrate you are malleable and can thrive under numerous managements styles. But it does show you understand how companies work, and are looking for something that is a good fit for you.

10. What Has Been Your Career Trajectory With This Company?

This is a good question. Ask this during your medical sales representative interview to learn more about the company. Do they treat their employees well enough that they stick around? Do they support their employees and give them opportunities to build their careers? 

Also, you may find that the hiring manager enjoys talking about their own experience. Many times you will see that the hiring manager has been at the company a long time. I had one interview in particular in which the manager was so proud to describe his upward trajectory with the company.

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