Medical Sales Interview Questions And Answers Part #1

Medical Sales Interview Questions

Medical Sales Representative Interview Questions and Answers

Medical sales is a competitive field, and the job search can be tough. Even if a company has seen that you have the right experience and skills on your resume, the interview will make or break the company’s final hiring decision. To nail a medical sales interview, it is important to understand what the company is looking for. Not only do you need to understand this, but you need to provide more than cookie cutter, generic responses. You need to formulate answers that are unique to you, and your personal experience. Keep reading to learn about the standard medical sales interview questions and answers.

While there are an infinite number of medical sales interview questions out there, we have narrowed down the questions to those that are most frequently asked. 

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How To Answer Medical Sales Interview Questions?

Typical Job Interview Questions

1. How Do You Plan Your Day?

When a company asks you this question during your medical device sales interview they want to know if you are organized. This is because an organized medical sales rep is going to make more sales and close more deals. When responding to this question, explain that when you are out on the road making sales calls, you organize your schedule by both location, and the time that it will take to make each call. Companies want to see that you have the ability to efficiently make as many medical sales calls as possible in a single day. Finally, it is important to highlight your organization with customer interactions. One way to showcase this is to describe how you start your day. For example, you might explain that when you start work you immediately check for messages and emails from your customers, and then spend x amount of time responding to customer needs before you start research on prospective clients to call on for the day. 

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2. How Do You Handle A Negative Customer Experience?

For better or for worse, negative customer interactions are not uncommon in the field of medical sales. You will likely be asked this question during your medical device sales interview. When responding to this question, think of a specific example from your experience. Clearly explain the negative experience. Then carefully explain how you listened to the customer’s frustrations, and demonstrate how you thoughtfully resolved the concern. Companies want to understand how you navigate negativity. It is an opportunity to showcase polished communication skills, as you narrate a challenging conversation with a customer.

My favorite examples are the times I have been able to resolve a situation with an upset customer, and come out on the other side with an even stronger relationship. It is the times of adversity that can really make or break a relationship in any sales role.

3. How Do You Find Out What A Customer Needs?

In medical sales, you simply must know your customer to meet their needs. If you do not, you will not close many deals. So, be prepared for this question during your medical sales interview. The best way to answer this question is with a customer example. This will show the company that you have experience working with customers and will show them your overall process. For instance, you could start by saying: “I always ask customers about their company’s goals, so that I can find a way to connect my product to helping them achieve their goal.” Then you can go on to explain how you did this for a past customer, and how the relationship developed from there. 

4. Is It Ever Necessary To Stop Pursuing A Customer? If So, When Do You Stop?

This is not a trick medical device sales interview question. While companies want sales reps to sell as much product as they can, they also do not want medical sales reps wasting company time and money on lost causes. Let the interviewer know that you understand how to back off when customers are not biting. Explain the ways you usually reach out to customers before giving up, and tell the interviewer the signs of when it is time to cut bait. Also, be sure to articulate that your reason for backing off is to spend time on more promising prospects. Companies want to hear that you understand your time is their money!

5. How Do You Use Social Media To Boost Your Sales?

While not all companies are big on social media, it is becoming a major part of the sales process. So, if a company asks you this question during your medical sales interview they want to know that you have experience with different social media platforms and that you understand when each platform is best used. For example, you may use Linkedin to connect with doctors that are potential prospects, but Facebook groups to research customer’s areas of interest. Regardless, social media is a useful tool that can facilitate an additional customer touch.

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Popular Interview Questions Medical Device Sales

6. What Steps Do You Take To Prepare For Cold Calling A Prospect?

The cold call is a part of any medical derives sales job, and therefore is a common topic for medical sales interview questions. Cold calling takes motivation, organization, and strong people skills. So, give examples of how you have prepared for cold calling in the past, and emphasize the importance of researching your customer before you reach out to contact them. 

Everyone knows cold calling is a grind, but it can be an important part of many roles. I like to demonstrate how I incorporate it into my weekly schedule. If I am at a hospital or clinic for a scheduled meeting, I make sure to go to additional departments nearby to call on prospective physicians as well.

7. Explain How You Close A Deal Using Every Step Of The Sales Process?

During a medical sales interview, companies will ask this question to ensure that you know and follow the sales process from start to finish. When responding, give a specific example about how you followed the process on a deal that you successfully closed. Remember to include all of the steps:

  • Researching prospects
  • Prospecting
  • Connecting with prospects
  • Identifying client needs
  • Presentation & product evaluation
  • Building support from key stakeholders
  • Negotiation & closing
  • Implementation

This is a time to demonstrate that you have participated in formalized sales training. Professional sales representatives follow a sales process. Companies typically have steps unique to their products and buying process, but the general principles are always the same.

8. Share A Time In Which You Had To Problem Solve During A Medical Sales Client Call. What Happened? How Did You Solve The Problem?

Most medical sales reps can tell you countless stories of when something went wrong during a call or a demonstration. Whether their product stopped working, a medical emergency happened or the customer just did not like them. So, don’t be surprised to hear this question in your medical device sales interview. Medical sales reps must be problem solvers that can think on their feet. The company wants to see that you can find a solution to a problem in the heat of the moment. Use an example from your prior work experience, and make sure to choose one where your solution was a success. 

I have had many instances were things went sideways in a product evaluation, due to factors completely outside of my control. In some cases it was customer, the patient, the mood of the staff, you name it. And you know how life goes, when one thing goes wrong, sometime everything does. This is the type of challenging situation that an experienced sales professional will be expected to navigate and turn around.

9. How Are You Attaining Your Current Quota?

Be prepared to answer this question in detail. Meeting your current quota tells a company how successful you are at your current job. Companies want to know that you can close sales and that you can sell your product. This is also an excellent time to demonstrate your analytical and territory management skills. Be prepared to not only show the company your numbers, but to explain the reasons behind them. Make sure to bring documentation of your sales numbers from previous jobs, to the interview!

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