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Medical Device Sales Reddit

Medical Sales Reddit

Have been you been thinking about breaking into the field of medical sales? Are you in the research phase of your journey, trying to figure out if medical sales is the right career path for you? Have you been scouring the Medical Device Sales Reddit threads for more information? While Reddit is a great source to track down the inside story, searching through Reddit threads to find those golden nuggets of advice can get tiring and time consuming. That is why Medical Sales Authority has done the leg work for you! We have compiled a detailed summary of all the Medical Sales Reddit threads. Now you can find the best of Reddit’s medical sales information all in one place. Not only have we sifted through the Medical Sales Reddit threads to find the best information, but everything presented here is current, fact checked, and applicable to the field of medical sales today! The information has been compiled, organized, and sorted into categories for easy reading. Enjoy!

Best Entry Level Sales Jobs Reddit

How Long Does It Take To Get A Job?

Most Medical Sales Redditors agreed that when transitioning to medical sales from either pharma or other entry-level sales jobs (payroll sales, uniform sales, copier sales, etc.), it generally takes a year to a year and a half to land your first job. One candidate explained that it took her over a year to get a job even when she had three years of pharma experience. While another individual got a job at 22 years old after only a year of applying, with one year of pharma experience. In general, the consensus is that if you do not have medical sales experience landing a job takes time because you must find a hiring manager that is willing to take a chance on you. 

What Is Required To Land A Job In Medical Sales?

Before you start the job hunt, many Redditors suggest that you prepare by asking for letters of recommendation from people you know professionally. Make sure you are choosing people who know you in a professional capacity, and have good things to say.

Also, according to Medical Sales Reddit, if you do not have any medical sales experience, completing a medical device training program can set you apart. These programs provide vital knowledge about the medical field, which show companies that you are serious about embarking on this new career path. 

How To Get Into Medical Device Sales?

Many Redditors agree that it is easiest to break into the field of medical sales if you have experience at an entry-level sales job such as payroll sales, uniform sales, or copier sales. Also, most agree that in addition to some sales experience it is essential to have that “right personality.” If you are not a people person or are uncomfortable in social situations, medical sales is not for you. 

Many posts explained the importance of knowing the right people. Knowing the right people is how most people find jobs in the medical sales industry. They are either connected to other medical sales reps at the company or already have a relationship with the hiring manager. 

If you do not have these connections, do not fear. You can build these from scratch, but it will take some work. The suggestion below is bold and bit of stretch, but it is worth a shot.

You can introduce yourself to OR materials managers at major hospitals. Materials managers know a lot of reps because they work with them daily. Once you meet an OR materials manager, make sure to ask for the business cards of the reps they know. Then, you can call the reps and set up lunches. After getting to know reps, you can ask them for the contact information for their company’s hiring manager. Knowing a hiring manager is important because they are the ones who fill open job positions. Make sure to check in with them every few months, you never know if they will have a job opening!

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How To Prepare For A Medical Sales Interview?

According to the Medical Sales Reddit threads, the most important thing to do in a medical sales interview is to remember that YOU are the product and that you need to sell yourself. So, sell yourself by differentiating yourself from the rest. The first way to do this is to learn about the company’s products and show the employer how well you understand them. Also, before the interview, ask surgeons and doctors what they think of the company’s products. Make sure to weave in what you have learned during the interview! Finally, if you have sales experience it is vital to present your numbers and sales ranking. The hiring manager wants to see that you have been successful in a sales job previously, and nothing speaks to that more than the numbers. 

Also, it is important to know that at the end of an interview you need to “close” the sale by asking the interviewer to hire you. “Closing the sale” by convincing the company to hire you, proves that you will also be able to close sales for the company once they hire you!

Finally, after the interview be sure to send a handwritten thank you note to each member of the interview team. It is a nice personal touch which can set you apart from those who skip this step. 

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What Are The Medical Sales Interview Questions To Ask?

Remember, while the company is interviewing you it is also important to research the company to make sure that the job is a good fit. This will validate that it is a good company to work at and that it has the desired earning potential. How can you find out this information without already working at the company? According to Medical Device Sales Reddit, you should ask the company to see their current goals and performance on the products you would be selling. Ideally, you would want to see recent data from over the previous six months. This provides an idea of how the company is doing, the demand for the product, and the earning potential of the job. If a manager refuses to show you the numbers, it is a red flag. Any legitimate company will be happy to tell you how well they do with numbers to back this up. 

Another way to learn more about a company is to talk to the customers. In this case, doctors. Ask them if they use the company’s product, and why. This will give you insight into the product, and how easy or difficult it will be to sell. 

Finally, ask to shadow a rep at the company for a day or two! This will allow you see what the job will be like on the front lines. Also, you will learn important tidbits about the job that you would not get exposure to during the interview process.

Medical Device Sales Salary Reddit

How Much Money Do Medical Sales Reps Make?

The Medical Sales Reddit community agrees that there is money to be made in the medical device space. Nearly everyone indicates that pharmaceutical sales pays significantly less than medical device sales. So there you have it, medical device sales has the highest income potential!

Reddit Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales Reddit explains that many job candidates choose pharma because of the easy hours and base heavy compensation structure. Redditors explain that a pharmaceutical sales rep spends most of their days out visiting doctors in the territory and building relationships. In addition, to some time on the phone. It can be a great career or a stepping stone to the higher paying medical device sales job! provides an excellent overview of making the change from pharmaceutical sales to medical device sales.

Pharmaceutical sales can be quite different from a “typical” medical sales job. Pharmaceutical Sales Reddit explains that an important difference is that pharmaceutical sales reps do not sell products or close deals. Rather than selling a product, their job is to inform doctors and pharmacies of their pharmaceutical products so that they get prescribed to patients. But, don’t be fooled. While pharmaceutical sales reps are not technically selling products, there are plenty of ways for companies to track and quantify performance. A pharma sales job is just as numbers based as any other sales job in healthcare. 

Sales Job Reddit

Perhaps you are not set on medical sales yet and would like to hear what Reddit has to say about sales jobs in general. According to most on Sales Jobs Reddit, no matter the sales job, all sales jobs are about the numbers. No matter what you are selling you need to do everything you can to sell your product. More specifically, prospecting for new business and constantly replenishing your pipeline are key to being successful.

Since sales can be so lucrative, many wonder why everyone is not trying to find a high paying sales job. The threads on Sales Job Reddit say that this is because sales is a tough profession where you need to constantly be grinding to earn big money. Not everyone enjoys cold calling, the constant travel, or talking with people who do not want to be talking to you. It is a tough profession, and is not for everyone!

Well, there you have it! A summary of all the best advice on Medical Sales Reddit. Are you curious to learn more? Click here to read our article about entry level medical sales.

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