How To Find A Medical Sales Internship

Medical Sales Internship

Looking For A Medical Sales Rep Internship?

If you are a recent college grad or are in an MBA program, you are likely trying to decide what to do for your first medical sales job. You have probably heard that landing a medical sales internship or enrolling in a leadership development program (LDP) is a good option. These programs not only provide real world medical sales experience, but also help you develop as a sales professional. However, with so many medical sales internships and leadership development programs out there, it can be hard to know where to apply. That is why we have researched the various medical sales internships for you and summarized the highlights here. Understanding the basics of these programs will help you decide which medical sales internship is right for you!

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Top Medical Device Sales Internship Programs

1. GE Commercial Leadership Program

You might have heard of the GE Commercial Leadership Program or CLP program. GE’s CLP program is a two year developmental sales and marketing program and is essentially a paid medical sales internship. Participants will have three or four rotations during the program, where they work at different business sites to develop critical skills like leadership, critical thinking, and taking initiative. Popular rotations in the program include sales and sales support, commercial operations, marketing strategy, and application engineering. 

During the program rotations, participants will be exposed to intense training that incorporates curriculum in developing their sales, marketing, and core leadership competencies. Throughout the program, participants will have exposure to GE leaders and mentorship from leaders throughout the company. It is a highly sought after position for college graduates because if you perform well, you are offered a medical sales rep position at the end of the program. 

To be qualified for the program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, relevant intern or work experience, and the ability to move within the US. Applicants should also have strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. 

What does the program pay? One recent college grad, who was accepted into the CLP program stated that his CLP salary at GE was $60,000, with a $4,000 relocation bonus every six months. While $60,000 may seem like a low salary for the industry, it is typical for a developmental role. You must remember that the earning potential is huge once you finish the program and become a full line medical sales rep.

2. Medtronic Internship – Medtronic MBA Internship

The Medtronic Leadership Development Program is fantastic if you are planning on getting your MBA, or are currently enrolled in an MBA program. This is a three year medical sales internship program, where participants move through two different job assignments where they build a broad understanding of Medtronic and develop in depth functional experience. Not only is this an ideal program for getting your first real world experience, it also introduces participants to a valuable network of peers, managers, and company leaders. 

For the first assignment participants will be placed in Minneapolis. Here they gain enterprise wide experience at the corporate level. After their experience in Minneapolis, participants will be placed elsewhere in the US. All second assignment roles are aligned to one of Medtronic’s business segments. During the second assignment, participants will learn about the company through a business lens, the product, and the patient. Finally, throughout the program, all participants will be involved in rich developmental experiences. These include peer mentoring programs, functional training, and leadership workshops. 

To be qualified for this program, you must be currently enrolled in your second year of an MBA program and have a minimum of two years of professional work experience. Your first assignment will be in Minneapolis, and your next could be anywhere across the United States. So, those who pursue this opportunity must be willing to be highly mobile. The Medtronic MBA Leadership Development Program salary is around $170,000. Take into account this is a program for those with an MBA and previous work experience.

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Other Internships With Medical Sales Companies

  • Boston Scientific 12 Week Summer Internship
  • Stryker 12 Week Paid Summer Internship

Top Pharmaceutical Sales Internships

1. Johnson & Johnson MBA Internship – Janssen Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Program

Rounding out the top of this list we have two Johnson & Johnson sales leadership development programs. Johnson & Johnson has numerous leadership development programs, including the Janssen Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Program. Like other leadership development programs, this is a rotational program designed to create future marketing and commercial leaders.

During this pharmaceutical sales internship participants will establish the capabilities necessary to be successful in the Johnson and Johnson organization. The program includes experiences in marketing, sales, customer insights and analytics, global commercial strategy, and market access. It is a great job to get your foot in the door for a medical sales rep position at Johnson and Johnson. 

To be qualified for this opportunity candidates must be pursuing an MBA full time during the current school year, and preferably have more than four years of prior work experience. Job seekers should be able to demonstrate leadership skills, strategic thinking capabilities, strong communication skills, and be committed to improving patient care. 

One recent graduate told us that Johnson & Johnson leadership development programs typically pay around $65,000-$70,000.

2. Johnson & Johnson Internship – Vision Sales Leadership Development Program

Are you not quite ready to get your MBA, but wanting to dive into the profession of medical sales? The Johnson and Johnson Vision Sales Leadership Development Program, or LDP program, provides an accelerated progression into medical sales, by providing a multifaceted learning experience and dynamic approach. So it is perfect for the recent undergrad looking for their first job.

Throughout this program, participants cultivate a strong skill set in the fundamentals of medical device selling, while gaining an understanding of the healthcare environment. Not only do participants develop proficiency in business analytics, but like other Johnson and Johnson internships, they develop in depth knowledge of the Johnson and Johnson company, in preparation for a future career.

Like other sales leadership development programs, this is a rotation based program. There are rotations in finance, key accounts, market learning, and sales operations. Similar to other LDPs at Johnson and Johnson, this pharma sales internship position pays approximately $65,000-$70,000.

Applicants do not need to be enrolled in an MBA program to be qualified. In fact, this is a medical sales internship program geared specifically to recent college graduates. All applicants must be an undergraduate student graduating within six months of the hire date. J&J is looking for people who can relocate within the US, who have strong communication skills, are flexible, adaptable, and are committed to advancing patient care. 

More Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Programs

  • Novartis Leadership Development Program
  • Abbvie Leadership Development Program
  • Takeda Leadership Development Program
  • Eli Lilly Sales Internship

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