Job Tips From Medical Device Sales Pinterest

Medical Device Sales Pinterest

It can be challenging to find valuable information on medical device sales. Pinterest is great resource for tracking down insights from industry experts. Today, we explore the world of medical device sales Pinterest. The Medical Sales Authority team has compiled a list of the most useful articles on the platform.

1. Best Blogs For Successful Medical Sales Reps

The internet has changed for the better and for the worse. There is more information than ever. The challenge is sorting the useful information from the generic or fluff content. One of the best things you can do as a job candidate is identify a few high value blogs to get your information. Medreps has put together a list of the best resources for the latest news and trend in the industry. Our only complaint is that these outlets are more technical than desired by the average job seeker. Click here to check our list of the best medical device sales career blogs.

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2. Medical Device Sales Rep Tips

Medical device sales Pinterest content is in many ways like TikTok. It is all about bite sized pieces of high value information. One of the most popular types of post takes the form as “tips”. We chose the following article by Callbox. The article is short, but it makes some important points.

We want to highlight two of the recommendations. We love the idea of asking umbrella questions. The key to getting good information from customers is to ask open ended questions. It is important for prospects to be comfortable and be willing to talk openly. While a sales rep will sometimes need to be direct, it can cause customers to clam up. Secondly, we appreciate the suggestion of learning from no. There is so much advice floating around the internet about handling objections and not taking no. Sometimes you will have to accept no. The important thing is to learn from it.

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3. Medical Sales Requires More Than A Pharmaceutical Sales Style

Medical device sales is very different from pharmaceutical sales. Hiring managers look for different things. Medical sales requires closing business. Pharmaceutical sales is a softer sale. This means a sales reps has to take a different approach. Pharmaceutical reps are trained to regurgitate the details and benefits of a drug. Physicians have limited time so reps get good at doing this quickly. This does not work very well in medical device sales. Device reps need to have a conversation. This includes listening to the customer, identifying pain points, qualifying the opportunity, and providing valuable insights to the customer.

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4. Medical Device Sales Salaries

Medreps provides some great infographics detailing the average industry compensation each year. They include charts, graphs, and tables to show how the salaries of sales reps are trending each year. This data is sorted in a variety of useful ways. You will be able to see industry average salary and commission numbers by geography, experience level, and product and market. It is an excellent way to check if your current compensation is aligned with the industry average.

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5. Medical Device Sales Resume

Pinterest functions as an image search engine. It is the perfect place to find medical device sales resume examples. A resume may not get you a job, but it will get you an interview. It is helpful to see how other reps put together their experience and accomplishments. Also, it can be a helpful may to learn what not to do. Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced industry professional, make sure to check out some resume examples on Pinterest.

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6. Medical Device Sales Rep Training Resources

There is no official training resource for medical device sales. It is one of those things were you get experience in the industry by getting your first job. There is no definitive training that has to be completed. The only major criteria is a four year college degree and preferable some outside sales experience. Regardless, there are career services that do support candidates working to transition into the field. You will find a variety of medical sales training resources on Pinterest.

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7. How To Become A Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

We thought this post from medical device sales Pinterest was funny. Nothing beats getting career advice from Wikihow. While the advice is vague and generic it is not wrong. The animations are well done. This is the reason you find this type of content on the Pinterest platform. It can be a helpful place to get started for those just dipping their toes in the job search process.

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