Medical Sales LinkedIn

Medical Sales LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect, share and learn. It can be a great resource and tool for those in medical device sales. As of 2022, LinkedIn is a whole lot more than a social networking site for middle aged corporate types. In this article, the Medical Sales Authority team will cover how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

How To Use LinkedIn In Medical Device Sales

1. Job Post Board

Over the years LinkedIn has become much more than a social networking site. It is a great place to look at job postings. It is only logical that LinkedIn would function as job post site considering the amount of time professionals spend on the platform. If you are searching for your next role, check out LinkedIn in addition to Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

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2. General Networking

Most folks know LinkedIn as first and foremost a social network for professional networking. It still definitely plays this role. As your career develops it is helpful to connect with colleagues and friends to build your professional network. You will see updates from your connections and be able to track their careers. The site generates a feed of relevant industry news and updates. There is not a better place to stay up to speed on the medical device industry.

3. Tool For The Interview Process

Medical device sales is competitive. But there is an industry secret that not enough reps utilize. LinkedIn is an excellent way to reach out to hiring mangers and other reps during the interview process. The platform allows users to search by company and geography. This means you can identify your potential teammates. Over the years, I have used this function to learn more about roles I might want to pursue. Also, I have took calls with strangers that were looking for a job at my company.

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4. Career Training

LinkedIn has built up its library of 5000+ high quality career skill building videos. The company purchased a service which provides video courses to subscribers hoping to learn online. It has since been rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. Now, users can even post completion of the training videos to their LinkedIn profile. The training videos include titles like:

  • Expert Tips For Answering Common Interview questions
  • Negotiating Your Job Offer
  • Making Recruiters Come To You
  • How To Rock An Interview

5. Blogging Tool

Do you have an interest in improving your writing skills? Do you want to share an update with your perspective on the industry or an event? LinkedIn is a great platform to share your thoughts. Sales reps write up career reflections and musings all the time and share them on LinkedIn. This can also be helpful during the job search process. It demonstrates that you are active in your industry and potentially even a key opinion leader.

In addition to a normal post, make sure to check out LinkedIn Pulse. The pulse platform is a publishing tool for blog posts and new stories. When you write an article on Pulse everyone in your network will be notified of the publication.

6. Tool For Connecting With Recruiters

Your LinkedIn profile will include your professional experience, education background, and related skills. Recruiters will be able to see this information and reach out to you about potential roles. Recruiters will most likely reach out to candidates only with industry experience. Watch the opportunities start flooding your inbox once you get a few years of experience. Make sure to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date!

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7. Professional Organizations

What is a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn groups provide a place for professionals in a particular industry to share their insights, experiences, ask for guidance, and build connections. In addition, the organizations section of your LinkedIn profile is where you can highlight the real world associations and clubs to which you belong.

8. Business & Professional News

Lately, this has been my favorite use of LinkedIn. When I get bored during the work day, I will take a few minutes to read industry updates and the latest new articles. I also appreciate seeing what thoughts and feedbacks my colleagues are sharing about recent events. From time to time, I will post an update or image from my travels. Also, LinkedIn users can follow specific companies. By following a company you will see their news releases and updates in your personal feed.

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Medical Sales LinkedIn

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