Where To Look For Medical Sales Job Openings

Medical Sales Job Openings

The key to breaking into medical sales comes down to understanding the interview process. A candidate needs to have a solid resume with the right experience. Next up, it is important to be looking for medical sales job openings in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top websites job searchers should be using. Some are the popular general job boards and some are specific to the medical device industry.

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Top Websites For Medical Sales Job Openings

1. Indeed

In general, Indeed is one of the largest job posting sites on the web. This holds true for medical sales as well. Most jobs that are posted directly on a company’s website will also end up on Indeed. This is not always true, but most of the time. A candidate needs to be discerning on Indeed as there is a lot of noise to sort through. Make sure to understand what roles you are applying to. If you have limited sales experience, you should be filtering for associate roles. I use Indeed as a way to cast a broad net to see what openings exist in my city.

2. LinkedIn

As you get more industry experience, LinkedIn will become more and more important. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, make sure to start one today. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding medical sales job openings. First of all, the website has a section with jobs listed just like any other job posting website. In addition, you will get messages from recruiters with job openings that they think you may be qualified for. Again, typically you get more messages as you get more industry experience. Recruiters, use tools to filter potential candidates based on their experience.

3. Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter joins Indeed as one largest online job boards. But it functions a little bit differently. ZipRecruiter is more of an employment marketplace similar to CareerBuilder and Monster. Ziprecruiter strategically syndicates job postings across multiple job boards. From a job candidate’s perspective, this is not too important. Just know that you should regularly looking on both Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and LinkedIn.

Again, I would like to make the point about actually looking through the qualifications required for the specific role. I have seen many frustrated recent graduates that apply to just about anything in their field. If a job requires five years of sales experience or experience managing others, it is probably not worth the time to apply. The key to the job search process is build a broad network and be strategic. It is about who you know, not what you know.

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4. Medreps.com

The job board on Medreps.com is specific to the medical device industry. The catch is that this is a premium job board. It currently costs $19.99 per month or $52.99 for six months of access. At the time I write this, there are 8900 jobs posted. Again, paying this subscription in of its self will not get you a job. 20% of the jobs posted on Medreps are exclusive. This means the other 80% of the jobs will posted on the other free job boards. For those that have the right resume, background, and experience this can be an efficient way to job search and potentially see some additional postings that may not be elsewhere.

5. Medsalescareer.com

This is more a niche website for medical sales job openings. First off, it is free to use their resources. The company provides a lot of valuable information for those new to the industry in addition to having a job board. The job board on Medsalescareer consists of hundreds of jobs advertising for direct-hire positions. These are job postings in which the traditional recruiting model is bypassed. Even if you prefer to use large job search sites, I recommend checking out their “Free Resources” and FAQ page.

6. Directly On Company Websites

This is the most focused way to find jobs. Especially for those with industry experience. Ideally, you have a few specific companies in mind that you would like to work at. Rather, than look at every possible opening in existence take a weekly look at the career sections on the companies you are interested in.

A few things to keep in mind with job postings.

  1. Many times they are extremely vague and it can be challenging to extrapolate the specifics of the role from the description alone. This means you need to make some phone calls or reach out to other reps on LinkedIn to learn more.
  2. Sometimes companies will have selected an internal candidate and the job posting is strictly a formality. This is rarely clear from the outside.
  3. Many times throughout my career I have seen a job opening for a specific role get posted, go away, come back, and then stick around for upwards of six months. This is usually due to internal dynamics at the company. It could be the manager does not want to fill the role. Or the manger is waiting on something internally to happen first. The important thing to know is that you will not have visibility to this from the outside. All you can do is apply to the role and reach out to manager expressing interest.

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7. Additional Resources For Medical Device Job Openings

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