What Is A Medical Sales Senior Sales Rep?

Medical Sales Senior Sales Rep

Have you ever heard the phrase “senior sales sales rep”? Reps are so proud to put this title on their business card and email signature. Partly, because it indicates they have stuck around for awhile. In an age of job hopping staying with one company is valuable. Especially from a customer’s perspective. In this article we breakdown the meaning of a medical sales senior sales rep.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Senior Sales Rep?

A senior sales representative is someone who has tenure in a given territory. It varies by company in terms of what is considered senior. Some companies have a lot of turn over so 3-5 years in a role will give you the senior sales rep title. Other organizations require 5-8 years of service time before handing out the “senior rep” title.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Senior Sales Representative?

Being a senior sales rep means a few different things. It provides a title that shows you are experienced and have tenure with the organization. It usually offers a more favorable compensation structure. Also, it provides the opportunity to be involved in high visibility activities throughout the organization. This includes team lead roles, field trainer opportunities, and participating in leadership meetings.

Senior Medical Sales Representative Salary

We always get asked about the compensation for a medical sales senior sales rep. In general, medical device reps make around 200k. Senior sales rep make on the high end of this. Typically, senior sales rep have a special component to their compensation plan. This could be a higher commission percentage or a more favorable bonus structure. The idea is reward tenure. It is good for the customer and good for the organization. Also, many senior sales rep get to go on reward trips. This could be to a vacation destination with leadership or to cover an international conference.

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