Industry Insights From Medical Device Sales TikTok

Medical Device Sales TikTok

Are you trying to break into medical sales? Make sure to check out the world of medical device sales TikTok. This part of TikTok offers short video clips with nuggets of wisdom about a career in the medical device industry. The team at Medical Sales Authority has compiled a list of some of the most popular videos on the platform. Follow these accounts to learn more about getting into the industry.

1. Paper Scrubs

This video is more funny than insightful. Hospitals are getting strict about the scrubs vendors wear. Some hospitals even subscribe to services that sell scrubs to reps. One such company is Repscrubs. Many in the industry view it as a shakedown. Repscrubs claims to serve as an infection control measure and a way to control the cost of providing scrubs to vendors. The service also helps with documenting and tracking sales reps as they visit a facility.

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2. Medical Sales Rep Salary

It is not surprising that compensation is one of the most common inquiries we receive here at Medical Sales Authority. We frequently get asked about what a sales rep should expect for salary and commission. Generally speaking, the industry average is around $180,000. This is made up of a salary and commission component. Make sure to read the viewer’s comments on this video.

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3. How To Transition From Nursing To Medical Sales

Nurses and other clinical folks get exposure to medical device sales while working at the hospital. Some nurses are fascinated to learn that they can leverage their clinical background and make more money on the commercial side of things. This video recommends clinical specialist positions for nurses considering a career transition.

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4. What Doctors Want From Sales Reps

The team at Medical Sales Authority is on a constant journey to better understand how to add value for customers. The feedback from the surgeon in this medical device sales TikTok video is simple. He wants a rep that is reliable and experienced. This is because an experienced sales rep can offer insight and make recommendations during cases.

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5. The Pros Of Medical Device Sales

Like any career medical sales has its advantages and disadvantages. Sales can be brutal sometimes. Days of cold calling and rejection can take a toll. While at the same time there are many rewarding aspects of the job. In this video Marisa highlights her favorite things about the profession. This includes the compensation, the ability to work remote, and the travel. Also, it is important to note that as a rep you are supporting products that improve patient’s health.

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6. Medical Sales LinkedIn Networking Template

LinkedIn is an excellent resource during the job search process. It is one of the best ways to make connections even if you do not have any experience in the industry. LinkedIn is a way to track down current reps at companies you are interested in working at. These informational discussions are how you truly learn about the industry. Also, it is completely acceptable to reach out to hiring mangers directly about future openings. The little things can make a big difference when you are trying to break into the industry.

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