How To Get Into Medical Sales As A Nurse?

How To Get Into Medical Sales As A Nurse?

Question Of The Day #3 – Can Nurses Become Medical Sales Reps?

Believe it or not this is a common question we get here at the Medical Sales Authority. Many nurses get exposure to medical sales reps while working on the nursing floors. They get an idea of what the role entails and realize they have the skills to do job. The high upside compensation can be a motivator to break into an industry role! Today, we explain how to get into medical sales as a nurse.

A nursing degree opens up many doors. This includes working as a nurse, working in an administrative or non clinical healthcare role, working as a traveler, or transitioning into a commercial role.

A high performing medical sales rep can easily make twice as much a nurse. But there are definitely some things to consider. Sales is sales. It requires prospecting and dealing with constant rejection. This is a lot different from being a nurse or working in a clinical role. But for those who are up to the challenge it is a great way to leverage clinical background and experience.

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Many times nurses are already mid career and are not in a position to go get some random B2B sales job to get sales experience. Many companies (especially positions with more technical products) will take a chance and hire someone without sales experience, if they have the right personality.

I recommend that nurses interested in transitioning to medical sales focus on networking. Meet with and talk to every sales rep you see. Ask to connect with their managers and keep in touch regarding future job openings. Companies love hiring their customers if it is the right fit.

Nurses bring a unique perspective to a sales role, as they have experience working with reps from the customer’s side. Click here to learn a few thoughtful sales lessons explained by a nurse.

Here is the best advice from Reddit and around the web:

  • Focus on finding a company that provides good sales training.
  • Consider a non medical B2B sales role to get initial sales experience.
  • Read up on sales. Go through some of the classics like Spin Selling, Secrets of Closing the Sale, and How To Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Leverage your existing network.
  • Make sure to chat with the sales reps that visit your department.
  • Get nursing experience in the care area you prefer to work in as a rep (OR, Cath lab, etc.)
  • Consider a clinical specialist position. These roles provide clinical support to sales rep. This is a great way to transition into the industry.
  • Reach out to medical device recruiters and get their feedback.
  • Network with the physicians that regularly work with the sales reps.
  • Look for associates sales roles.

4 thoughts on “How To Get Into Medical Sales As A Nurse?

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hello ,
    Very informative website and content . I’m an experienced nurse and interviewed for a clinical sales position for a home infusion therapy company. Totally new to this field , yet debating for a long term career , and transitioning out of bedside nursing care . I’m located in Los Angeles , CA . I would like tips on negotiating a salary since I’ve been hourly for years , checked Glassdoor and the actual position average is 121k . My last sales experience was retail prior to earning my nursing degree and experience of 8+ years as a nurse . Thanks in advance .

    1. Medical Sales Authority says:

      Hi Tiffany – Thank you for the positive feedback! I recommend talking to other folks in the role about the compensation. Sometimes it is challenging to find accurate salary information online. Also, the details and structure vary company to company. You will be in the best position for negotiating if you understand the salary range of the other team members. Good luck!

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