Medical Sales Youtube Q&A

Medical Sales Youtube

Youtube is a great source of content to learn more about the medical device sales field. You will find answers to many of the common questions about the industry. Also, there is a variety of day in the life videos to give you perspective on different roles. Today, the Medical Sales Authority answers some of the most frequently asked medical sales Youtube questions.

What Degree Do You Need For Medical Device Sales?

There is not a specific degree needed to get into medical sales. Though, some majors are more helpful than others when navigating the interview process. Read our article below to learn more.

Where To Find Internships For Medical Device Sales?

The medical sales industry is tough to break into without experience. Internship experience can make a big difference. These programs are referred to as Leadership Development Programs. Whether sales, marketing, operations, or finance these programs groom recent college graduates to excel in the medical device field. Read our article below to learn more.

Can A Nurse Break Into Medical Device Sales?

Yes, absolutely. Those with clinical experience often interact with sales reps and wonder if they themselves can transition over to the commercial side. Sales roles pay more than clinical roles and there also is more autonomy. While nurses may not have sales experience, many hiring mangers will overlook this for jobs that require a strong clinical understanding of the product. Read our article below to learn more.

Do You Need Sales Experience In Medical Device Sales?

There are many paths in medical sales. In general, the process is a lot easier with some solid B2B sales experience and sales training. I would say that for the most part this is a basic requirement. In some cases, strong networking efforts can lead to an entry level role without previous sales experience. This would be entry level positions such as associate sales roles. Read our article below to learn more.

What Is The Difference Between Medical Device Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales?

Medical device sales and pharmaceutical sales are very different. Pharmaceutical sales is focused on building relationships with physicians to build awareness for new pharmaceuticals. This is done to encourage the prescription of the medication to eligible patients. On the other hand, medical sales involves the actual sale and transaction of a product. Read out article below to learn more.

Medical Sales Youtube

Will You Travel A Lot In Medical Device Sales?

B2B sales jobs require travel. Sometimes a lot of it. Flights, hotel night, and driving are all part of the job. The amount of travel varies a lot depending on the type of medical device role and the geography of the territory. Read our article below to learn more.

What Is The Day In The Life Of A Medical Sales Rep?

The days of most medical sales reps require an early start. Many of the roles in the industry involve case coverage. Surgeries start early and reps have to be there to provide support. The day to day will be slightly different for those in capital equipment or laboratory sales. Read our article below to learn more.

How To Land A Job In Medical Device Sales?

The hardest part of medical sales is getting the first job. There are many people with some basic sales experience that would like to break into the industry. In the world of B2B sales, the medical device jobs are coveted and the interview process is quite competitive. At the end of the day it is numbers game. If you pursue the interview process with patience and do the rights things day in and day out you will eventually get a job. Read our article below to learn more.

What Is The Average Medical Device Sales Salary?

Everyone likes to know about how much money can be made. No doubt about, the right medical sales job can be quite lucrative. Like any industry, there is significant variation in pay role to role. The average compensation is around $175,000. On average this is about, $90,000 of base pay and $85,000 in commission. Read our article below to learn more.

How Important Is The Resume When Breaking Into Medical Device Sales?

A resume will never get you a job. Though, a good resume is necessary to get interviews. Remember, medical sales is a numbers game. The resume review process is mostly automated these days. It is important to list the right experience and have the right keywords. This helps ensure your resume makes it to the top of the list. Read our article below to learn more.

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